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eCOM PARTNER LTD is registered under Companies House England & Wales. Having a team of expertised IT professionals of two decades of experiences in their own domain. eCOM PARTNER LTD is focused on eCom Projects and its various dynamics. A great service provider and a dedicated partner eCOM PARTNER LTD is guiding clients to have a global reach.



The key vision of our company is the national wealth utilization in a global village on an English Platform. We focused on the use of  frozen human resources in the right platform using modern technologies in the global village. 

  • National Wealth Utilisation
  • English Platform
  • Global Village



  • Investor in eCOM PROJECTS
  • Wealth of Experience and experts
  • IT Services since 1998
  • International Presence

Buying and Selling eCOM PROJECTS




After 20 years in the IT Services, we decided to alter direction. Now, we share use our experience to eCommerce. The research team gather, analyse and interpret information on market condition, current product and service available in the industry. This comprehensive research studies about the past, present and potential customers for the product or service, research spending habits, location and target market, the industry and the competitors. expanding untapped markets and multiplying sales and revenues.

  • R & D 
  • Analystics
  • End-to-end integration

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Our service includes a comprehensive Business Projects

eCOM PARTNER LTD join hands with companies that are ready to start new business plans. We execute your business ideas effectively; optimize your business profit and working. eCOM PARTNER LTD expand clients business through a robust E-business solution and improve your business's visibility and enable your customers to access it at their convenience. Running and maintaining a business is difficult, which is why we help them ease the processes with our business projects with world-class e-business solutions. All the e-business projects with its high quality B2B solutions come with inbuilt ERP and CRM System.

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The changing market represents a vast opportunity for businesses to improve their relevance and expand their market in the online world. eCommerce Market Analysis & Research Firm is more than just an e-commerce platform development agency. We’re e-commerce professionals dedicated to help you with every step of your development needs. If eCommerce Market Analysis & Research Firm thinks your pitch will be suitable for our investors. eCOM PARTNER LTD will also invest in any business which are ready to carve out a niche in the world of e-commerce and it is a natural extension of company’s vision.

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Innovations in eCOM

Offline Franchisees

- Chain Global network business on budgeted clothings and accessories. The best products in budget less pricing


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Online Franchisees

F2c Projects are our key investment areas were selling directly to consumers. We execute the tactics required to improve and implement the projects 


F2C Projects

F2C Projects are one of the key investment area in the modern world with all advanced internet technologies. Logistic operation directly from Factory to Customer, without affect interests of affiliated sales chains and network.

 F2C reduce costs up-to 35% 

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Investment Projects


Corporate Social Responsibility


The fundamentals are based on trust, transparency, technology, teamwork and meeting timelines on a long-term deal.


  • Trust 
  • Transparency
  • Technology
  • Team Work
  • Timeliness



   Based on the vision:-" National Wealth Utilisation in the Global Village in an English Platform" We concentrate in developing international eCOM PROJECTS which modernise the current business styles into new advanced and internationally with effective use of experienced professional and frozen skill-set


eCOM PARTNER LTD supports the community where it operates. It is our corporate social responsibility to support and encourage people for a better peaceful life. A fixed percentage of all incomes goes to the charity account. We encourage other companies and individuals to join us in our charitable missions for Homeless and Destitute people.

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  • 0044 777 0926 999 ( Sales )


12th Floor, Blue Tower, MediaCityUK, Salford, England M50 2TG, United Kingdom

Company No : 10821013 VAT Reg No: 271 933100


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